Hi there,

my name is Louise, I am a self employed cleaner and have always had a passion for cleaning from such a young age, I was never one of those teenagers that had a messy bedroom.

I also love cooking my grandfather was polish and eastern europeans back in those days we always in the kitchen cooking, drinking and being merry!!!….. I learnt to cook before my mother!!!!

I am a mother of 2 fabulous girls who are very arty, crafty and love all things glam, I must admit that I was never this girly when I was their age…. ha ha.

We as a family are always doing things creative and as we have done so many fabulous things that have either been really easy or have just turned out perfect so I’ve decided that I would share all the fab things to others.

In my job I have also picked up many nifty hints and tips for all aspects of cleaning – many of the hacks are very cost affective and most of the products that are used may already be in the cupboard.

I have also been inspired by some of the furniture and décor that I have seen in people houses and have now developed a passion for glass furniture, shabby chic (DIY chic is very popular these day) and scented candles.

well that’s a brief overview about me, I will see you soon.

much love

Louise x