Typical British Weather

Well I’m sat at my desk now all warm and cosy, this was a different story this morning….

I have been awake since about 6am this morning, getting ready to go to work with 2 cups a coffee and a quick wizz though Instagram and being nosy. It started to rain then so again I knew that it was going to be a lousy day!

I did my first cleaning job and the heavens opened (no point in straightening my hair) drenched instantly and running to the car?…was there any point? the damage had been done! – soaked through to my underwear.

So I went to my lady that I care for daily and she informed me that she had booked herself a nail appointment (she is not bad for an 89 year old) my heart sunk, by this point the rain is heavier then ever and im already a drown rat!!

I bite the bullet and load up there car with her wheelchair, wishing that the rain would just at least die down a little ……. But NO! as soon as I get her out the car it’s like walking in the shower. Oh, and by the way- thank you to all the drivers that thought it was be a laugh splashing us whilst waiting for the lights to turn green……you washed my sense of humour away with that puddle!!

So anyway she gets her nails done a lovely colour (bronze/ brown) the hair dresser even dried her hair (no point really as the rain was still coming down a treat) lovely gesture though!

Anyway rant over but if you have any rants/ stroies about the weather then please feel free to vent them on here, we could all do with cheering up!… Well, at least until some form of hot sunny weather graces up here in the UK…… Ha-ha

Happy August!!

Much Love

Louise x


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