Scented Candles that smell like your Favourite Perfume!!

Long gone are the Yankee candles for me at the moment – their scents of red cherry, spiced pumpkin and washed towels are a thing of the past, I just don’t really smell them when they burn in my front room ….. I’m not saying that I’ll never buy them again but I just sometimes want to know that I’m burning a scented candle.  are you the same?

I have a 4 bedroom house (open plan downstairs) that scents don’t really circulate as they’re never strong enough!! I do however have a passion for plug in air fresheners, carpet fresheners and everything fresheners just to and create some sort of “Relaxing Zen” and also mask the smell of the other half feet (I didn’t mention that on my blog… shuusssshhh )

I was looking on EBay as I do have a weakness/ obsession with scented candles but it’s so hard to find one that really kicks out a scent that can fill my large front room.

If you are having the same smell disaster then ladies and gents….. I give to you …..

Now I’m a typical female, any perfume (to a certain degree) I love – as longs as its strong and last for more than an hour and Picking a candle that I wanted to try out wasn’t that much of a spoilt for choice moment (MAKES A CHANGE!!!)

Bags of thought do candles, wax melts and reed diffusers and they come in pretty much any perfume fragrance for males and female and let’s face it – we all have a handful of favourite perfumes and aftershaves so you know exactly what your scent will smell like when you order from this shopping site.

I brought the black opium jar candle (with lid) – £19.99 and Angel jar candle (with lid) – £19.99

In the item description it stated that if you buy a jar candle then you get a scented wax melt free (this offer may not be available now)…. At that point I was sooooooooo excited but did have to go to the local supermarket to buy a wax melt burner as I didn’t have one at the time (my excuse to treat myself to something and picked a bottle of wine up too!!)

Oh My Life ….. The scents are amazing; truly, every breath I breathed in was just like a recent squirt of the perfume, it’s so alike!!…. The best thing is the scent spreads and my huge front room.

I also used one of the wax melts, as I brought 2 jar candles I got 2 wax melts free and I used  the “Be delicious” wax melt – I have been burning over the last 2 months and it’s still very highly scented and doesn’t seem to be disappearing – the tea lights I’m using are burning out every 3 hours

The nicest thing is that even my mother –in-law (who doesn’t often come to see us) she said that it smells good ……this was after a month non-stop burning and she is quite sensitive to scented items as she has a migraine problem.

So, if you love a candle that is highly scented, very perfumed and luxurious then please check out the range for Bags of Thought as they have so much more to offer.

I’m looking again with the credit card to hand!!

Happy shopping!

Much Love

Louise @YFLT x

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