Its Wedding Season


Summer is here and love is in the air…… We have all got close to our ideal weight for the summer;

Now all that is left for us to do now is to find that dress that will really make you feel fabulous!!

I have been on the hunt for that perfect dress to give you a little inspiration shall we say. I have also looked at pretty much every dress for every body shape for every occasion so open your web browser and get them fingers ready to click the links attached ……. (Credit card to the ready!!!)

Ok, so for all you sexy curvy ladies out there I have just looked at some gorgeous dresses on Curvissa – all the dresses that I have attached are for sizes 14 to 32:


Anna scholz wrap look dress with three-quarter sleeves. £99.00 (available in sizes 14 to 32 and only in black) – This dress really synchs the waist and with the sleeves being three-quarter this instantly makes your arms appear slimmer and the neckline really works, your eye instantly is drawn to the hour glass waist.


Tiered party dress £75.00 (available in sizes 14 to 32 in Blue or Black ) – This is a great dress for fooling the eye, as our good friend Gok Wan has always said, a curvy lady should always look to use the layers – this dress certainly does. If you have big boobs that you want to disguise and  troublesome areas (like we all have) –  like the tummy, bum and hips, this will certainly draw the attention away from these. This dress also goes perfectly with a black leather jacket.


Lace panel long occasion dress was *£99.00 now £69.00 (avalible in sizes 14 to 32 in Black or Blue) – with the pleated high waist belt this instantly draws the attention to the hourglass curve and the beaded details to the top of the dress will make you look like to have full boobs, I love this dress as I am quite flat chested and this will make you look a million dollars. Even though this dress has thick straps, this will still make you feel slightly exposed on the shoulder area but there are many boleros that you can find that will look fabulous with this dress.



Adline Lace dress £149.00 (available in sizes 10 to 16 in Blue) – I absolutely love, love, love this dress, would be better with more colour choice but still a great dress all the same. The lace feels so special and the beautiful layers over the shoulders. I adore the high neckline. this dress sits just below the knee so if you have knees that your not so keen on then this is the one for you.


Sinna Print dress £99.00 (available in sizes 10 to 18 with limited stock in size 10) this dress is so summery but classic. I love the way that all the detail on the dress is just where you need it to be- on the waist and bust area (drawing attention to the waistline) – The square neckline will give you the appearance of an hourglass figure and it is just below the knee line too, hiding the troublesome knees.


I hope that this has given you some ideas for that fabulous dress for your special occasion. if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

Much Love,

Louise @YFLT x

* Picture were taken from the brands website and do not belong to YFLT – prices may differ but at the time of posting the offers and prices were correct..

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