Cleaning cupboard “must have’s” you will need for making DIY cleaning product’s

So as we all know, cleaning products are highly over prices and sometimes the performance is not what they advertise!  this is why I will give to a list of cupboard essentials that every household should have to make your DIY cleaning products.

If your like myself and have granite and marble surfaces you will fine that the only one true way that you can clean these surfaces are to use the high end treatments sprays that take an age to rub on and rub off and not to mentions that polish that you have to use after…… Zzzzzz

The key essential ingredient –  Lemons!!  lots of lemons, the are a great degreaser as they contact so much acid, they can be used absolutely everywhere …. including the gin and tonic after…. (shush) also try and get hold of lemon essential oils just for the nice fresh smell afterwards……Lavender and tea tree oils are also very pleasant and boasts antibacterial properties and orange oil for the granite cleaner.

The next is white vinegar – you can buy spray bottles on white vinegar from most supermarkets for about a 750 ml bottle for a pound if you shop thrifty and with its antibacterial qualities this can be used just as well as the lemons, its great for glass and windows when mixed with water. white vinegar is also great to use a rinse aid for you dishwasher.

Baking soda is a key item also – with the right mixture quantities this will create a fizzing action that will lift and dried on stain – This is also good for whitening teeth when mixed with apple cider vinegar to make a paste and brush on your teeth as you would toothpaste.

So now that you have all the components, you may want to get your vinegar spray bottle for the kitchen, bathroom and also the windows. now for the mixtures:

How to make your homemade cleaning products:

Kitchen cleaner – To your white vinegar, add twenty drops of the lemon oil and the same for the lavender oil. spray onto your surfaces with wipe with a microfiber cloth, there is no need to rinse as the vinegar won’t leave a smell once it has dried, I Promise!  you will just get the fresh scent of the essential oils.

bathroom cleaner – To your white vinegar, add 20 drops of lavender oil and 20 tea tree oil. This is a germ busting and pleasant product. Spray the tub, sink and toilet and leave for a few minutes, wipe with a microfiber cloth and there is no need to rinse.

Granite cleaner – Take a empty spray bottle, add to a quarter of the bottle the white vinegar and fill up to the top with water. add a 20 drops of orange oil to give it a scent boost, spray and wipe with a lint free cloth – no need to rinse.

Tip of the week…….. If you have bad water marks on the shower chrome taps then rub half a lemon over the chrome and leave it for about 10 mins, rinse and buff with a microfiber cloth or an E-cloth with is good for glass and metal… (these can be purchased from Amazon for under £5) Repeat the process a few days later if the water marks and not completely dissolved.

I hope that you have a fab time making your own cleaning products! if you have any questions about any of the cleaners then please get in touch, it will be great to hear from you…

Much Love

Louise x




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